voice broadcast with IVR Interactive artificial intelligence

It is the latest marketing technology in this digital era. Robodal works by sending mass messages to customers through outbound calls. this technology will be more efficient in reaching the audience.

This service will send messages to hundreds or even thousands of database contacts. Whether it’s to customers, employees, members, clients, or to others with the aim of marketing. In Europe, this broadcast service is also used in government to send emergency messages or important information.

interactive IVR

the use of this system allows the recipient of the call to listen to the recorded message and interact with the system by pressing the button on the cellphone. The system can detect which keys are pressed and programmed to interact and play various reply messages. This is a form of response from IVR.

for the interactive version, there will be an option to talk with the agent, so customers can talk directly with the agent for other questions. This is called a two-way IVR

after the voice message is broadcast, it can also directly send an sms to the customer in order to remind or direct the customer to a site or telephone number.

The advantages of using Robodal

  1. the customer listens to your message
    the customer will answer the phone and hear pre-recorded or text-to-voice messages. Messages can also include information that has been personalized for each recipient. If no one answers, or if we detect a message answered by a robot, the application will try to make a call back or leave a voice message.
  2. customers can respond
    You can provide several menus that can be selected by the customer according to their needs.
  3. Your agent can follow up customers
    there is an option to talk to a call center agent so that the conversation can run smoothly and interactively.
  4. SMS blast after the call ends
    You can use our SMS service if needed. SMS will be sent to the customer after they end the call. This SMS message can be as a reminder and can include a link or telephone number.
  5. the report is neat and detailed
    after all tasks are completed, the report will automatically be arranged neatly and in detail