Voice bot Collecting is a solutions in Indonesia

In Indonesia it widely used. This is the main solution for the company’s call center services in the financial sector during the Corona pandemic.

I want to share a little about the bank’s debt collection and financial services. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the collection benefited quite a bit, because many of the clients were at home and were not very busy. So it’s easier to collect both directly or via telephone

But the government policy regarding collection activities that must be postponed has caused confusion among a number of financial service companies. even though the debt data that must be followed up more and more

What if the company’s agent must work from home. how much credit to prepare? Are they all ready to do WFH? surely the productivity of the company declined rapidly.

this is happening right now that many companies have had to lay off and many have gone bankrupt.

maybe it would be better if they were provided with a call center application. so they can still contact professionally using your company’s office phone number even from home. indeed this is very helpful because it can be accessed via a laptop. and can be done anywhere.
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but in my opinion it’s more effective and faster if the telephone activities are carried out automatically by the system. calls will be made Blast to the entire database at the speed of thousands of calls per day. A system that is able to replace many of your call center agents and is able to interact well with your customers

of course this system is the right choice because it is able to collect properly without errors. And reports will be presented automatically in detail.
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voice bot Indonesia

It is a voice message distribution system using robots. Well this time robodal uses a more modern system in indonesia where the robot is able to actively communicate with the other person.

Report data will be presented automatically and completely in the form of text and voice recordings. See an example of our scenario at https://robodal.id/robot-sample