Voice Blast Artificial intelligence is the latest solution for call centers

Our system in industry 4.0 is very important. With Artificial intelligence (Ai) technology, this robot is able to communicate interactively with clients. Using sound recordings, Many of them do not know that this is a robot. The scenario is arranged in as much detail as possible so that the respondent can respond very well.

robodal is now the best blast service provider in Indonesia. We have partnered with PT Telkom Group Indonesia, which is a source of our strength. Until now, many large companies use our services. Download our offer PDF to view our product details and customer list.

with Robodal, your company’s operations can be very helped and controlled. Robodal will replace 5 of your call center staff and make up to thousands of calls per day consistently.

AI robot has become a target of top-level business people. Don’t be too late to realize the importance of Robodal.

The advantages of using Robodal

  • Robodal Able to communicate interactively.
    Robodal is not like IVR which only conveys sound recordings, Robodal is able to communicate and answer relevant customer questions
  • Robodal is more efficient than call center agents
    Robodal can work without holidays and does not need any allowance costs. 1 robodal is able to replace 5 agents so we guarantee it will be more efficient using robodal
  • Robodal works fast and stable
    robodal can work fast up to thousands of calls per day
  • Robodal has a detailed report
    the report will be very detailed. Either in the form of conversation text, label graphics, or voice recordings