Telemarketing Robot is the company’s operational solutions

Robodal tele-robots began to be known and targeted by large companies. Robodal, which is usually used by fintech companies and banks for the billing division, can also be used for telemarketing. Robodal work system using sound recordings that have detailed scenarios, so it is possible to answer and communicate with clients.

With artificial intelligence (AI) technology, a smart robot is capable of making automatic calls. Robodal calls through databases en masse (bulk call) this is commonly called an autodialer. The difference is that auto dialers only make mass calls and are then forwarded to human call centers. But in robodal, everything is done by robots.

You can determine for yourself whether you want to use an interactive robot or just voice broadcast. After the call is finished, the robot can also be set to send sms automatically. The hope is that when clients finish the call, they will not forget the promos. Even robodal can provide the promotional link.

What are the advantages of using Robot

telerobot work completely automatically, only need scenario settings and everything will be carried out without constraints. Maybe if you use human telemarketing, they could be wrong talking, could be absent or resigned. Imagine if you have thousands of databases that must be followed up. It’s a waste of time because an agent is only able to make 400 calls a day. That will not happen by robodal. Robodal really save your budget, because 1 robot can call up to thousands of calls per day. You don’t need to employ dozens of telemarketing staff, provide insurance or allowance fees, and of course you can set your own robot’s working hours. Because robodal can work 24 hours

Don’t let your company become obsolete in today’s digital era. Don’t be too late to realize the importance of this robot. Because Robodal is able to expedite your company’s operations. You don’t need to worry about the quality of our robot, because robodal has a genuine human voice and the calls are very clear using the Dalnet system telephony.

Reports produced by robodal are very detailed and presented in a professional manner. Robodal will classify the results of the telephone that he did in accordance with the client’s answer. Either they are interested in promos, reject promos, delay calls, or anything can be set. You can even read the detailed text of their conversation, and listen to the results of the conversation as well.

We can make presentations about the benefits and sophistication of robodal that really supports your company. We are a partner of Telkom Indonesia, which has been professional in providing telephone savings services, IP PBX, call center services, and access code numbers. You can see our contact details for cooperation