Two-way IVR is the latest Smart IVR Interactive

Smart IVR Interactive is The two-way IVR with Ai technology (artificial intelligence) that is very rapidly developing nowadays. predating the previous version where IVR is only a mass voicemail, now interactively able to increase conversion more.

Use of IVR

You certainly agree if I say it is very difficult to use conventional methods to contact hundreds to thousands of your customers. Besides spending a lot of time, it is also less productive. For example, many calls are not picked up or failed. This also impacts on the low level of our interaction with customers. It can be concluded from the 500 customers that are contacted every day, only 30% or 150 customers can interact with the operator. How long does it take for agents to call your entire database? This is very inefficient considering that all telephone and employee costs must still be paid by the company.

The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system is a very important system for your company. This system can help you make thousands of calls automatically every day without many agents needed. so you can deliver notifications in an efficient, effective and affordable way.

The IVR itself goes through a process in which the system will send mass calls, according to the list of customer telephone numbers that have been prepared to be contacted. Message delivery can also vary and be adjusted to each customer. In addition, customers can receive direction to press certain numbers in the call. And IVR will respond or answer as desired.

Difference between ordinary IVR and Smart IVR Interactive

In the usual IVR or called IVR oneway, it has a limited selection scheme. So, there are not many choices and answers to customer needs. The IVR also only displays text-to-voice without being able to talk directly to the agent.

Now in Smart IVR Interactive, we can have many choices and connections. We can also provide further options for talking directly with human agents. the call will be forwarded to the agent number. all activities, responses, and call rates will be recorded completely and automatically by the system. In this interactive IVR, we can also send SMS messages to customers to remind the contents of the message, link or phone number