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Robodal webinar is an online call center seminar that discusses an efficiency solution for call center services. The seminar will be held live using the Google meet application or what used to be called the Google Hangout.

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How does Artificial Intelligence help the sales and collection business continue to run even in the current pandemic? the solution you will find here

Online Webinar
Day/Date : (further info will be updated)
Time : 10:30 WIB – finish
Duration : ± 60 minutes
Via : Meet app (link will be given after registration)

Glora Slucky – VP Business Development & Partnership PT DALnet System

The COVID-19 pandemic crisis has caused many companies, especially the business of selling and financing, to experience decreased productivity.

The company also issued a policy of working from home (WFH), until layoffs occurred.

On the other hand, this pandemic resulted in a revolution in activities normally carried out by humans this time carried out by the system.

one of them is Ai Interactive Robot, which supports the process of selling and collecting to customers via telephone during a crisis like this

in this webinar we will listen to explanations and demonstrations of how data management and the use of artificial intelligence systems and technologies help maximize the process of sales and debt collection

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