Robodal Sample Voice

Example of Scenario

All Robodal Applications are done by voice recording. so the sound produced will be exactly the same as human voice. The style of speech can be arranged and adjusted by the speaker. The scenario is arranged in as much detail as possible so that Robodal can respond to any relevant questions from the customer


Robodal can be used for debt collection. the sound will be arranged in a loud voice. All answers from customers will be recorded automatically


Robodal with the aim of promotion is very effective. can quickly promote or offer your product up to 1200 calls per day to your entire database


Telereminding can be done by robodal. Suitable for reminding due dates, bill amounts, important information and other reminder messages

Free Robodal Trial

We provide facilities for you to try out how the sound results and scenarios of our robot calls. Fill in the form below and we will make a robodal call to your number.