Robodal Call Center


Now, Robodal has 4 types of call format. There are Interactive, One-way, Interactive + SMS, One-way + SMS

Interactive Type

Consumers can communicate directly with robots, like talking to real humans. The robot will respond to every customer question.

Interactive + SMS

Robodal talks with customers interactively. After the telephone conversation ends, the Robot will send an SMS to the Customer.

One Way Type

The one-way type makes the Robot only talk to the Customer, and the Customer cannot reply or ask the Robot. Just like a notification.

One-way + SMS

Robodal talks to the Customer, but the Customer cannot respond. After the telephone conversation ends, the Robot will send an SMS to the Customer.


These are our Topology system as a Robot Call Interactive Artificial Intelligence


All results will be recorded by Robot Automatically, and Professional in a Statistics Report. In the Report Menu, there are Call Overall Reports, Label Reports, Connected Status Reports, and Package Number Reports


All Robodal Applications are done through voice recording so that the sound is exactly the same as the human voice. The speaking style can be adjusted by the owner of the voice. The scenario is arranged as detailed as possible so that it can respond to any relevant answers from the customers


Robodal can be used for debt collection. the sound will be arranged in a loud voice. All answers from customers will be recorded automatically


Robodal with the aim of promotion is very effective. can quickly promote or offer your product up to 1200 calls per day to your entire database


Telereminding can be done by robodal. Suitable for reminding due dates, bill amounts, important information and other reminder messages

Increased Work Speed

With Robodal, phone follow-up activities will increase 4-5 times. Robodal is able to call up to 1200 calls per day

More Cost-Efficient

You no longer need to employ many Call Center Agents. Robodal works 24 hours, and does not need insurance or any allowance fees

Revenue Will Increase

A more optimal performance of your company will increase company income. don't be late in realizing how important robodal is