Robocall software for call centers and desk collections

Robocall is currently very widely used to help customer service or billing staff. Since the Indonesian regulation on companies to dismiss employees for 2 weeks due to the spread of the corona virus, many companies are not operational. The emergence of Robocall called Robodal is able to help companies by becoming customer service staff, telemarketing staff, or becoming debt collection staff.

This robot is equivalent to 4 employees at the same time with consistent performance and according to the scenario. This robot can even work 24 hours a day, and certainly not affected by the corona or office leave due to this virus. Its application is very simple and the results are very similar to telephone calls from humans, because it uses original human voice recordings. A fast setting makes robodal can be a quick and emergency alternative in these circumstances

for sound examples, the scenarios we made, and a full description of robodal can be seen on the product page.

currently our robocall has an interactive type and one way call. After the call is finished you can also send an sms automatically to the recipient of the telephone. This is very often used in promotional media.

You can also try the robocall system with our free trial. You can also ask us to make a presentation to your company so that you can understand in more detail about this robocall.

We are professionals as call center service providers, IP PBX, cloud hosted PBX, FWT, telephone cost savers and access code numbers. We as an Indonesian telecom partner will provide the best service for you. Don’t let your company be left behind by your competitors who are already using this technology.