Robo dialing – Automated dialer service using robocall indonesia

Robo dialing is a smart solution for call center. It is an outbound calling system (dialer) which can minimizing of wasted-time in calling a customer by dialing numbers from the call list automatically, then the call will be forwarded to a call center agent. Automated dialer service now available in robodal.

We combine a robo dialing system with robot call center system. So, it doesn’t need an agent to answer a call. It will be handled by a robot. Robocall indonesia is usually used for debt collecting, telereminding, and promoting product or service.

features of robodal service

  1. Robo dialing (automated dialer). Robo dialer system can dialing a number from database automatically. You don’t need to spend your time in caliing one by one.
  2. Robocall. Call will be followed up by robodal. Robodal can call thousands numbers and able to work 24hour. You don’t need to hire many agents to call. So, you can save your money
  3. Cloud Outbound call system. All call with run by Cloud system using an internet connection. So, it can Save cost up to 70% of your call bills.
  4. Call log. Calling history will be save by the system with a complete report.
  5. Call record. All call will be recorded automatically. there are 2 types of record, Text and voice.
  6. Labeling. There is a label to categorize the results of the call. For example, robot call a customer to collect a debt. You know the result of call by The label. Whether he wants to pay his debt or not
  7. Performance control. There is a report of Success Call rate, live call monitoring, and how many calls rejected, busy, or not available.

Robodal is the best robo dialing system with robo dialer and robocall service. You can get all of this features in Robodal apps. Contact us to get a free trial, live demo, or schedule a meeting