IVR Blast Faster way for call center to follow up clients

It is a voice broadcasting method in promoting, reminding, or even survey. Have you ever been called by a robot which can’t comunicate with you. The robot is only deliver a voice message, then they close the call.

robodal is usually used by a company to save a cost, time, and energy. They don’t need to call a thousands number one by one. They only run the apps and all number will be called automatically by robodal.

The use of IVR

for a survey call, ivr (interactive voice response) will call a customer and ask something to take a survey. They can press the number which representative the answer.

for promoting, we recommend you to use Smart IVR (two ways). IVR will call, and it will offer your services or products. After that, IVR will ask you to press a number to speak with human agent for more detail information.

for reminding, IVR will work as a desk collection to call a customer in order to collect their debt. It will make you easier to list a customer who can not pay the debt.

The benefits

  • More efficient. It can save your money up to 70%. With IVR, you don’t need to hire a lot of agents.
  • Fast speed. Call speed of IVR is faster than human agent. It will not spend your time to follow up a thousands phone number
  • With detailed report. It will make a full report automatically
  • well-managed. it will make a classification of customers. It helps you if they will be followed up again by you.

for more detail, you can contact our marketing staff by email, call, or even livechat.
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