Broadcast call is the fastest calling system for Fintech company

It is the best solution for Fintech in Indonesia. So many fintech company broadcast the message for offering, debt collecting, and reminding. But now, the customer will ignore the messages. So, how to contact them effectively?

We present Robodal Voice bot. It will help the company to broadcast the voice message to thousands number in database. Not only for fintech company, Robodal is suitable for bank, government, real estate, hospital, and another company which has a lot of outgoing call.

1. Broadcast for any Company sector

Bank and financial
bank and financial company can use robodal for telemarketing, product or service promotion, customer service, credit card activation, survey, and debt collecting

insurance company use robodal for selling and promoting, claim help center, and customer support

government can use robodal help center 24h, survey, or consultation

Health center and hospital
It is suitable for make an appointment with doctor, data medical record, patient support center, reconfirmation the schedule.

2. Advantages of using Robodal

Robodal can call thousands of customers a day nonstop

more efficient because you don’t need to hire a lot of call center agent. Robodal can work 24 hours without overtime fees, insurance, allowances, and other costs.

Safe and stable
Robodal works according to the scenario set up, there is no mishap, no training, won’t be absent or resigned.

Automatic record
Call reports are accurately analysed and automatically recorded both in the form of text conversations or voice recordings.