Auto caller is Very Useful for Your Call Center

Automatic call has changed the operation of call centers in Indonesia. This is an outgoing call system with the ability to make calls from a large list of phone numbers.

Nowadays, Auto caller can be described as a type of software that integrates telephones with computers. In addition to calling several numbers automatically, the auto caller can also confirm whether or not an outgoing call is answered.

It can automatically detect calls that are disconnected, answered by robots, and also if there is a busy tone. When the call is answered by our target, the software will forward the call to the available direct agent. If you use Robodal, there is no need for an agent to answer. The robot will replace the agent to talk to our target.

Sophisticated automated call solutions will prevent your company from requiring call center staff. At present, many companies use auto callers to increase productivity, income, and also manage several marketing campaigns.

In addition, autocallers are currently widely used in various countries for political purposes, service announcements, marketing promotions, event notifications, telereminding, and for debt collection.

It’s important for companies to understand some of the main benefits of autocaller.

  1. Improve call center operations
    Autocaller helps businesses to improve their call center operations. Many call centers even use automated calling systems to overcome the main shortcomings of manual calls, call errors and time efficiency.
    As mentioned earlier, the autocaller system detects busy tones, missed calls, dropped calls, answering machines and voice mail boxes accurately. They will route only the connected call.
  2. Robodal Able to talk interactively with your target
    If using Robodal, the call will be made by AI Robot which has the original human voice, and can respond to the voice of the customers. The scenario that has been set will be implemented properly by robodal
  3. Detecting and Separating Non-Earning Numbers
    Sophisticated automatic dialing solutions are designed with the ability to detect unproductive numbers such as numbers that are no longer active, or fax lines. A business can integrate cloud-based autocaller seamlessly using a customer relationship management (CRM) system. The integration will allow the software to detect and filter numbers that are not productive or invalid based on updated customer data. This advanced filtering feature saves you wasted time calling these unproductive numbers.
  4. Have a clear report
    Your business can use robodal, and later we will be given a statistical report. How much and who does not want to pay or want to pay, along with the reasons.
  5. Increase Conversions
    Besides generating more leads, autocaller also helps marketing in increasing conversion rates. Robodal has a feature to classify customers. This will be very helpful for targeted marketing so that income will increase
  6. Facilitating Real-Time Performance Monitorin
    The latest automated calling solution features a very user friendly interface. The Interface feature helps management to produce various reports based on Realtime data. Managers can monitor call center activities and measure productivity by checking real-time reports regularly.
  7. Manage Multiple Marketing Campaigns
    A business can use automated call solutions to conduct market research and promote products / services. Sophisticated Autocaller is even equipped with features to help businesses run and monitor several marketing campaigns. They make it easier for marketing staff to produce and check campaign reports without spending extra time and effort. We can see the latest campaign report to assess performance based on certain criteria.

Companies can use autocaller for various purposes. It is very important for business owners to choose the right automated call solution. They must compare autocallers according to their exact telecommunications needs to make full use of the calling system.